Dragon, Tiger and Mouse: China, India and Me

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A while back BusinessWeek devoted an issue to the issue of China and India.

I particularly liked "Asking The Right Questions" because it looked at new non-western business models being built in India. In India, that's called being non-aligned!

John Hagel has an instructive blog post on China and India titled: "Patterns of Business Innovation in China and India". Read it!

Where does this leave us? You, me, and our kids? What are we going to do for a living? What options are there for kids who go through our stellar educational system?

I decided to look up the high school curriculum in a) Kansas and b) India. Here's what I found:

- Kansas: A Guide to Kansas Curricular Standards [high school]

- India: CBSE [12th grade] - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Political Science, History, and more.

Looks like we lost the race before we even got started!

So, what are our kids going to be doing? Are we destined to be a nation of used-car salesmen? One nation-under-E-bay...

What would poor Ben Franklin say if he saw us now? How would he earn his living today? Join the military? Wal-Mart? a band? a gang? an evangelical church?

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