Building a Digital Business Platform

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For over five years now I've been working on the problem of how companies can build a community for prospective customers. The question I asked myself was:

How can we get customers to collaborate with the company/companies to co-create products and services that benefit everyone involved?

I had some long discussions on this with John Hagel and the late John Rheinfrank. Here's what we were thinking:

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Any suggestions?

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My friend Britton Manasco blogs about the "Wisdom of Communities" here. His point is "the future is increasingly about the wisdom of crowds -- or, at least, communities." So people, says Britton, especially in the B2B world, tend to trust... Read More

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Hey I was just googling Digital Business Platform and I came across this page!
I am actually working on what I call "Digital Business Platform" but with a different focus: the platform is composed of companies from the same industry (HR for the moment) and the industry is divided into categories. The aim of the platform is to connect with all the people interested in HR sevices & products in order to generate BUSINESS!
Well just wanted to share a different approach!
Keep it up!

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