Math, Science, and Social Mobility

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Why do some people climb up the social ladder while others stay put? What personal characteristics account for the fact that some people “get ahead” in life and others fall behind?

Here are three contending theories of social mobility >>

In my opinion, there is still a lot to be said for putting your shoulder to the wheel. In this case, the wheel happens to be math and science.

I know from personal experience that even not-so-bright kids get pretty good at physics and calculus if they get put through an Indian style education.

This is something we don't understand in the West, because we have lost our capacity for heavy lifting - both as a society and as individuals.

Who needs to think? If the Lord wanted us to learn science, calculus would be included in the Bible, etc.

Unfortunately, America seems to be slacking off big time. Apparently, we're turning into a nation of massage therapists, according to GE's Immelt. :-)


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