Google in the White House? Will Vivek Kundra transform the Federalist CIO Bureaucracy?

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The White House announced this morning that Vivek Kundra will be the administration's Chief Information Officer.

It won't be easy, since our government IT is basically a patchwork of competing departments (fiefdoms) and vendors (mercenaries) and CIOs (the entrenched aristocracy).

Here's Kundra talking about his previous position:


Steve Ballmer's probably having a fit over at MS right now. Here's his Howard Dean moment.

So what can we expect from Kundra? Three things to look for:

1) Transparency: of costs and just as important, procurement processes
2) Lower costs: through the use of open apps like Google Apps
3) Virtualization: everything in the cloud...

And who is Obama going to bring in as Chief Technology Officer (CTO)? I'd like to see JSB, but I'm getting this "Google in the White House" feeling, i.e. Eric Schmidt...

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