Killing Creativity at Google

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Goodbye Google, says Douglas Bowman.

Apparently the engineers at Google have killed his creativity.

Is this the triumph of data-driven decision-making?

In my view, and I do like data, this is a minor symptom of Google losing its soul. When petty data kills the poet, you know its time to hit the eject button.

Head for the hills, Douglas!

Sidenote: this reminds me of a Peter Drucker story. Drucker insisted, during one of those waste/cost-cutting-witch-hunting exercises, that the consultants should not go after every last penny. Doing so, in his mind, would destroy the soul of the company. Sure there's a little waste, but you still have an engaged workforce.

Another way to say this is: "Detroititis."

The nerds at Google still have a lot to learn.

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