Liz Sidoti: Smear Journalism at the Associated Press

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How low has the Associated Press fallen?

Or maybe the question should be: how low will they go?

I just caught site of an article by Liz Sidoti which seemed rather vicious in tone and decided to check up on who she was.

Here's what came up: AP's Sidoti smears Obama

Then I decided to do a search on Media Matters.

Hello! Here we go again. The media attack dogs are back. I wonder who is funding them? The Heritage Foundation?

But it's not just Sidoti, it's the AP, period.

And newspapers still wonder why no one reads them anymore? Keep buying that AP feed, Mr. Editor.

UPDATE: Thanks, Joseph! Apparently Liz Sidoti was a donut donor to the failed McCain campaign:

Wow, wow and wow.

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