The Tata Nano: The Rise of Ascetic Engineering

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Is Ratan Tata the re-incarnation of Henry Ford?

Suddenly, innovation takes a front seat in the automotive world. And it happens to be led by an Indian engineering sensibility: frugal enough to do the job. This is the type of value-engineering that shifts the mindset of an entire industry:

13 iPod Nanos = 1 Tata Nano. Which Nano do you want?

Congratulations, Ratan Tata and the Tata Motors team of engineers. Brilliant!

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Rick Wagoner should be taking notes. The moron walked away from GM with $20 million and people are saying Obama was unfair to him!

Let's see...

$20 million, that's roughly 10,000 Nanos (with a volume discount)!

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