Cloud Computing = Disruptive Innovation

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Mezeo's Steve Lesem explains how Cloud Storage is a disruptive innovation:

The common assumption is that the traditional IT vendors will be disrupted by cloud computing offerings from Amazon and Google.  The truth is, Amazon and Google may eventually impact this market, but they will not be the first to disrupt traditional IT service providers.Already we see hosting providers like Rackspace and SoftLayer provide their own suite of differentiated cloud offerings.
My thinking is that the entire cloud story is a paradigm shift for IT. See this article I just co-authored: Considerations for Migrating to the Cloud: How Cloud Computing is Changing the Enterprise »

See also
: Lesem's Cloud Storage and The Innovator's Dilemma »

Stay tuned for more on the cloud.

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A similiar phenomenon exists in software. See my post Enterprise Software Innovator's Dilemma, for a description of the phenomenon and its implications for software vendors.


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