Wild Phil Townsend: Where is GE's Open Reverse Innovation?

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Phil Townsend wonders why GE hasn't opened up it's Reverse Innovation model in his post: Opening up Reverse Innovation >>

Townsend makes a good point:

So why can't a company like GE follow down this path with "open reverse innovation" - inviting small companies in India and China to submit their products, services and ideas to be evaluated by GE for global distribution.  Of course, the open model would require an environment of trust - but what better way to create goodwill in new markets than to be seen as a development partner in the China, India, and resource-starved Africa?  A.G. Lafley sits on GE's board; surely he could help them get started.
Townsend also proposes the formation of innovation collaboratives funded by companies like GE to create a pipeline of new products for GE. 

Not a bad idea, if you consider that a recent McKinsey survey found that 20% of companies have opened up their innovation processes to employees and customers and they report a 20% rise in the number of innovations, on average.

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One huge advantage of so doing is turning the tables on many intellectual property (IP) headaches. The culture in some place might approve of "requisitioning" the IP of a "rich capitalistic company." It is quite a different matter when it comes to requisitioning the IP of your own flesh and blood.


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