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FREE_XIAOBO.gifWhat a wonderful world. While you were wrapping Christmas presents, China decided to lock up Liu Xiaobo and throw away the key.

Xiaobo's crime?  He drafted Charter 08, which demands the open election of public officials, freedom of religion and expression, and the abolition of subversion laws.

His wife's cell phone mysteriously stopped working so she could not be reached by the press. Nice touch.

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Click and listen. This was Steel Pulse live on John Peel's BBC program in 1981.

China's Copenhagen Game

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If this is how the New China plays the world, it looks too much like the Old China.

We need a new strategy to deal with this kind of stupidity. Obama can start by inviting the Dalai Lama to the White House.


This is how the government in the UK is helping the public understand the significance of Copenhagen. 

In the US we've got Sarah "Snake Oil" Palin - who is only too happy to urge a boycott.

Why is she still in the news?

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