Kodak: Can it Rise from the Ashes?

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The Kodak story so far has been rather colorful, but as Kodak emerges from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it looks like another company altogether.  Will it ever shine again?

Gone is the document imaging business (spun off as Kodak Alaris; new owners = Kodak's UK Pension Plan).  Instead, the focus is on a new set of markets: 


In short, the new Kodak ain't the old Kodak. The key to survival is going to be professional services (watch out Xerox!) >>


Can they do it? How are they going to win? Do they have the capabilities they need?

The search for a new CEO is on.  She's going to have to be a consultant's consultant - a professional services expert. Good night, Kodak. Good night, moon. Good luck.

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