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"Christian constantly brings brilliance, creativity and a deep sense of integrity to everything we have done together. What more could you ask for?"
- John Seely Brown,
former Chief Scientist of Xerox Corporation and the Director of Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

"Christian Sarkar is a master at using online media to generate a strong return on marketing spend. He provides a rare combination of design for usability skills and clear understanding of the economic levers driving marketing performance. His unique approach to Double Loop Marketing builds upon the virtual community concepts I outlined in Net Gain. Christian brings proven experience in helping vendors cost-effectively find and convert prospects to customers . . . and then building in the feedback loops to rapidly improve performance over time."
- John Hagel, Management consultant and former global leader of McKinsey & Co.'s Electronic Commerce Practice

"Christian Sarkar's unconventional techniques are based on sound marketing principles. Don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity of his techniques; few people know online business as well as this..."
- Raj Srivastava, Roberto C. Goizueta Chair in Electronic Commerce and Marketing Goizueta Business School Emory University

“Christian Sarkar does a brilliant job of crafting pragmatic and effective web presences and web marketing efforts for his clients. He knows what it takes to establish a web identity, build content, drive traffic and all the million little details that distinguish his services as among the best available today. Last but not least, he’s a pleasure to work with and to learn from.”
- Douglas K Smith,
consultant, author, innovator

Lately we have discovered one Christian Michael Sarkar .... His Double Loop Marketing aids intelligent companies to use brainwaves to sell their wares and services to the many knowledge professionals who have real disposable income in the great out there. You can read about his Double Loop services. In fact, Sarkar thinks “Shooting Birds and Catching Fish” is a perfect explanation of what Double Loop is all about.
His marketing process, when linked with very substantive content, can increase your pool of qualified prospects by more than 300%.
- William Dunk,
William Dunk Partners, Inc.

"Christian is a source of great ideas. His enthusiasm is second only to his knowledge about how to get attention in the marketspace. If you need quick results, hire him ASAP."
- John Tammaro,
former SVP, Masius, New York;
former Sr. Strategy Manager, General Electric

"Christian's uniqueness lies in his ability to bring fresh perspectives to familiar issues, to quickly identify and analyze emerging issues, and to distill the results into clear, concise observations. I have seen Christian apply these attributes in the broadest range of subjects, from market trends in the chemical industry to employee communications..."
- John Gersuk, Manager of Public Affairs, Bechtel Group

Christian Sarkar is an independent Internet strategy consultant:

- Leading authority on Double Loop Marketing™ and techniques for optimizing online business performance.

- Leading expert in mapping online social and business networks and ecosystems for competitive intelligence and market research in public and private sectors.

- Deep experience with implementation of online community and blogging platforms that broaden reach, accelerate conversion and reduce cost of marketing programs

- Broad expertise with Internet technology platforms and tools

Developed and led various Internet-based projects [market-mapping, consulting, business development and optimization, knowledge management, and demand-generation] for-

Corporate Clients: Oracle, BMC Software, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Sun Microsystems, Patricia Seybold Group, Red Hat Linux, SUSE, Bechtel, Mobil, Exxon, Shell, Compaq, and many others.

Individuals: John Hagel, John Seely Brown, Tom Davenport, Marshall Goldsmith, Laurence Haughton, Larry Prusak, Vijay Govindarajan and others.

Academia: Goizueta School of Business - Emory University, Thunderbird Graduate School Of Management, Babson College

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