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Will America Find Its Soul Again?


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How can companies take better care of their employees—and thrive?

Why don’t they see the opportunities in creating social value?

Do Americans think we have a fair distribution of wealth?

What are new means of putting our collective talents to work?

How can communities take the lead in creating opportunity?

How can public education prepare all students for the future?

How can better health care be made available without doctors?

How can communities do something about global warming?

How can you make a difference?

Why should you care?

Inclusivity: Will America Find Its Soul Again by Michael Gordon and Christian Sarkar asks the right questions about the plight of our democracy. This is a book of questions, hints, and suggestions about creating more opportunity for more people—starting with the USA, but looking at and learning from the rest of the world.



"Creating a greener planet, serving the poor, and acts of a similar spirit present a great opportunity for business. Inclusivity lets us see how the base of the pyramid at home—BOP USA—is as full of opportunities as it is overseas. Better, it tells us how to take advantage of them. The United States is tied in knots by those who think business is the cause of all our problems and those who think it can do little wrong. This book shows a third way: more inclusive organizations that generate opportunity for everyone."

Stuart L. Hart,
Enterprise for a Sustainable World


"The power of companies to improve the world while making a profit has never been stronger. Business is waking up to opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid in the developing world. Just as those opportunities demand a new logic, so do our societal problems at home. Inclusivity paints a picture of the future of business in the United States that is just starting to take shape. All businesses must master the competency that this book so vividly illustrates: inclusivity."

Vijay Govindarajan,
author Reverse Innovation


"We have lots of real challenges that need lots of real solutions: healthcare, education, livelihood and sustainability to name a few. Inclusivity explains how to make innovation happen. It will give you the examples of what really works and the tools to make it work for you. "

Jeff DeGraff, Founder of the Innovatrium Institute of Innovation and author of Innovation You and Leading Innovation



The United States has problems. But we have the potential to create a country that is bursting with opportunity for us all. I see it in the courses I teach on social entrepreneurship (using entrepreneurial energy and business skills to better society). I see it in the organizations I work with. There is an energy that is bottom-up, searching, creative, and—yes, inclusive. It can take us far if we have the right perspective on the world we want to live in. And so the purpose of this book: to provide small glimpses of the world we must create so that we—all of us—can take inspiration and take action.

- Professor Michael Gordon


The very idea of the “United” States is based on the principles of inclusivity—all men and women are created equal under the law. But we seem to have lost our conviction that inclusivity is possible or even to be desired. The current divisive political climate, along with economic uncertainty, has fostered an atmosphere of fear and narrow-mindedness across the country.

What can we do in the face of this reality?

The choice is not easy, but it is clear. Either we will decide to be more inclusive, or we will turn against each other – finding reasons to divide ourselves, not just from each other as citizens, but also from a shared future. The USA, unless we decide otherwise, will become simply the SA.

- Christian Sarkar



Inclusivity: Will America Find Its Soul Again by Michael Gordon and Christian Sarkar includes the following sections:

  • Inclusive World
  • Inclusive Entrepreneur
  • Inclusive Economy
  • Inclusive Cities
  • Inclusive Education
  • Inclusive Health
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Inclusive Future

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MGMichael Gordon is the Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Social Entrepreneurship and Business Administration at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, where is he a former associate dean. He is an award-winning educator and author, a social innovator honored by the Smithsonian Institution (three times), and an acclaimed public speaker.

His scholarship focuses on creating a better world, guided by working with cutting edge organizations. He is author of Design Your Life, Change the World: Your Path as a Social Entrepreneur; and he is completing another book based on the most complete, in-depth empirical study yet on how to create social enterprises. He is keenly interested in applying insights gleaned from around the world to address societal problems in the U.S. He blogs at


CSChristian Sarkar is the founder of several entrepreneurial ventures, a marketing consultant, and the co-founder of the $300 House Project. He is also the Director of Innovation for Enterprise for a Sustainable World.

Christian works with businesses, non-profits, and leading thinkers to challenge assumptions, grow good ideas, and develop ecosystematic business models. Learn more at


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