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The End of Advertising ~

---After all these years, the agencies still don't get it. They're just too busy billing hours, chasing creative awards, being fashionable... you name it. They forget one thing: the end of advertising is sales.

---It's about getting your message into the heads of the most people at the lowest possible cost.

---It's about finding and keeping customers efficiently. Not coolness, not prettiness, not awards. The end of advertising is sales.

"The problem in marketing today is that we spend 95% of our time and money on advertising and 5% on the rest of the stuff. What I propose to you today is to flip it around: Spend 5% of your time and money on advertising and 95% on everything else. If you do that, you'll sell a lot more to your customers."
- Sergio Zyman, Chairman and Founder Zyman Marketing Group

What Works: Double Loop Marketing

---Which brings me to my secret: Double Loop Marketing. I discovered the double-loop by accident, while working with a large, Fortune 100 client. The client didn't care much for the approach, but I did.

I then experimented with this approach for four years, on many different sites, in different businesses, each built from scratch.-The results? Across the board, Double Loop Marketing beats traditional online marketing- on average, twice the responses at half the cost.


"Christian Sarkar is a master at using online media to generate a strong return on marketing spend. He provides a rare combination of design for usability skills and clear understanding of the economic levers driving marketing performance. His unique approach to Double Loop Marketing builds upon the virtual community concepts I outlined in Net Gain. Christian brings proven experience in helping vendors cost-effectively find and convert prospects to customers . . . and then building in the feedback loops to rapidly improve performance over time."
- John Hagel,
Management consultant and former global leader of
McKinsey & Co.'s Electronic Commerce Practice

"Christian Sarkar's unconventional techniques are based on sound marketing principles. In tech-driven competitive environments, companies with best products do not win. The best-networked solutions do. Christian understands business networks and how to leverage these market-based assets to drive results.
Don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity of his techniques--
few people know online business as well as this."
- Raj Srivastava,
Roberto C. Goizueta Chair in Electronic Commerce and Marketing
Goizueta Business School Emory University

"Christian is a source of great ideas. His enthusiasm is second only to his knowledge about how to get attention in the marketspace. If you need quick results, hire him ASAP."
- John Tammaro,
former SVP, Masius, New York;
former Sr. Strategy Manager, General Electric

"The guy who designed [my site] and will be keeping it up to date is Christian Sarkar. As far as I can tell he is excellent...."
- John Seely Brown,
speaker, former Director of Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

"Christian's uniqueness lies in his ability to bring fresh perspectives to familiar issues, to quickly identify and analyze emerging issues, and to distill the results into clear, concise observations. I have seen Christian apply these attributes in the broadest range of subjects, from market trends in the chemical industry to employee communications..." - John Gersuk, Manager of Public Affairs, Bechtel Group

The Business Value of Your Website

The business value of your website really is the value of your customer relationships through that channel. Basically, you're looking at traditional "customer equity" - a relationship between the following value metrics:

- volume of purchases per period
- margin per unit of purchase after tax
- duration of purchase stream
- customer acquisition, development, and retention cost
- cost of capital

Thus an increase in volume, margin, or duration, will increase customer value so long as there is no offsetting decline in one or both of the other variables.

Maybe this "business-value talk" is not what marketers and web-design professionals want to hear, but ultimately your website must be driven by the considerations I've mentioned- if you intend to be profitable!

The answer? Double Loop Marketing...

The Double Loop Marketing approach is systemtic, process-based, and scalable. Most importantly, it is measurable.

More about Double Loop Marketing?

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I've worked on Internet-based projects for clients across the globe:

  • Corporations: Oracle, Red Hat, SUSE, Sun Microsystems, BMC Software, Patricia Seybold Group, META Group, Price-Waterhouse Coopers, Bechtel, Mobil, Exxon, and numerous start-ups and small & medium-size businesses
  • Universities: Babson, Emory University, Thunderbird
  • Individuals: John Seely Brown, John Hagel III, Thomas Davenport, Larry Prusak, Jeff Burrows

Monthly Rant:

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---Topics include:

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FACT: "85% of Visitors ABANDON a new site due to poor design"
- cPulse

FACT: "50% of Visitors are LOST because visitors can't easily find content" - Gartner Group

FACT: 70% of people who are ready, willing and able to buy online - don't complete the sale.


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