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Level-one flowcharts of how to run a profitable online business.
Covers the following work processes:

1) Offer development process
2) Offer creation process
3) Sales process
4) Marketing process
5) Order fulfillment & support process
6) Financial process
7) Certification process
8) Licensee business development process
9) Events process
10) Archival process

Complimentary Articles

  • The Speed of Trust: Trust, Branding & Competitive Advantage
    An Interview with Stephen M.R. Covey
  • Asia: Branding for Survival An Interview with Paul Temporal
  • Branding and the New Asia: An Interview with Martin Roll
  • The CEO as Brand Guardian
  • Renovate Before You Innovate: Interview with Sergio Zyman
  • Interview with Clayton Christensen
  • Key ROI Metrics B2B Marketers Should Use for Online Campaigns Marketing Sherpa
  • Attention, Management! An interview with Thomas Davenport
    How can a company capture attention in this, the age of the distracted customer? What happened to knowledge management? What next for ERP? Thomas Davenport shares his insights.
  • Use it or Lose it: Improving the Online Experience - an interview with usability guru Jakob Nielsen
  • The Customer Revolution: an interview with Patricia Seybold
  • The Webhouse that Ralph Built: an interview with the Dr. Ralph Kimball
  • Creating The Loyal Customer: another interview w/ Jakob Nielsen
  • Considerations for Selecting Your ASP
    What does the Application Service Provider (ASP) model bring to your company? How do you start the selection process? Pointers to get you started.
  • Interview: One-To-One With Don Peppers
    One-to-one marketing and customer relationship management are well-accepted concepts by now. 1to1 guru Don Peppers explains how companies like, Levi Strauss and Mercury Asset Management are using the latest CRM techniques to attract and keep loyal customers.
  • E-Business At Warp Speed: Interview with i2's Sanjiv Sidhu
    Is speed the competitive edge in the New Economy? Supply-Chain Management pioneer Sanjiv Sidhu, President & CEO of i2 Technologies, explains the new challenges facing the business world and how your company can survive the coming transition.
  • Permission To Succeed
    Everything you know about Web marketing is wrong, says Yahoo VP Seth Godin. In his new book, Permission Marketing, Godin debunks popular myths and explains the best practices of Web marketing, including how to solidify customer relationships.
  • The Keys to Relationship Management
  • Building Profitable Relationships: CRM Tools
    A survey of the leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to help you get closer to your customers.
  • The Next CRM: Going 1-to-1 with Constituent Relationship Management
    Your key constituents demand a "real" relationship with your company...
  • The Science Of Cyber Shopping: Interview with Paco Underhill
    Retail consultant Paco Underhill recently made a splash with his book "The Science of Shopping," which discusses how to merchandise successfully in both the physical and virtual worlds. In this interview, he talks about current trends in both worlds and how one affects the other.
  • Casing the Competition: Interview with Leonard Fuld
    CI guru Leonard Fuld talks about how companies are using technology to gather competitive intelligence about their markets.
  • Marketing Online: Interview with Jim Sterne
    High-tech author and marketing expert Jim Sterne talks about the Internet as a marketing medium.
  • Usability Guru: Interview with Jakob Nielsen
    Jakob Nielsen advises companies on how to make their websites, public or internal,more user-friendly.
  • You Say You Want a Knowledge Revolution: Interview with Thomas Davenport
    Knowledge management guru Thomas Davenport discusses the future of knowledge management in the Internet era.
  • Infomediation: An interview with John Hagel
    Net Gain and Net Worth author John Hagel talks about his new book and the future of business-customer relationships in the Internet era. This is when I really got into communities...

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